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Feel Good Friday: Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance

“Depth over distance is all I ever asked of you, And I may be foolish to fall as I do”

It’s been a while since we last spoke like this but in that time my life has changed immeasurably, although to all of you guys it must look exactly. I mean, I have the same group of friends, I have the same job, I still live in the same place and I’m still in a relationship… although that relationship is no longer with who you think.

“There been times when I thought I couldn’t last for long, but now I think I’m able to carry on. It’s been a long time coming but I know change is gonna come.”

Things happened quickly and I know I may get judged for that by some but there’s no script to this, only the story that you write yourself as you go. And I’m fortunate that I get to share my story with you, a story that has just gained a new chapter. Lucy.

Before any of you start worrying for my health, it isn’t that Lucy… had you scared, didn’t I?

So naturally, I had to get the lovely lady in question to choose a song for me to write about. For once I actually felt pretty confident asking that question because despite the fact that she’s tuned herself into a hippy her taste in music is pretty damn good. Mumford and Sons aside… Even I can’t forgive that. Long and short of that story is that if you hate this song, then blame her.

I’m not going to sit here and claim to be the biggest Ben Howard fan in the world, but this song is beautiful. Most people will know it from when it appeared as the B -Side to single Keep Your Head Up, but I have it on good authority that it also appeared on an earlier EP. This genre of music isn’t normally something that does a lot for me but the song writing on this one just grabbed my attention straight from the off and didn’t let go. It’s hypnotic, it’s emotional but most of all it’s real.

I’ve spoken before about how I assign songs to pretty much everything, including people, but this time the work has been done for me. This is her song, and for better or worse it always will be. And while I’ve never believed in having ‘our song’ something about this one just seems to fit. Just like that with no rhyme or reason, we seem to fit.

Right now, I’m feeling like myself again and I can’t tell you what an incredible feeling that is. Just being back behind this keyboard is pretty special. Though if I did threaten to stop writing and give it all up Lucy would look at me with a judging face that only she can make and follow that with a noise resembling a toddler after they’ve dropped their ice cream. (I know I’m paining such a beautiful picture) I don’t just want to do this, I need to do this. This is my outlet and my passion, and I know that whenever I start to wonder what I’m doing she’ll give me that nudge in the right direction.

What’s for sure is that next chapter that I mentioned earlier will not only involve me and Lucy but also each and every one of you, because I’m not about to exit this stage just yet.

Speak soon.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phktiVZqUbQ’]

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