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New Year New Me?

Despite previous posts suggesting the opposite I have been conspicuous by my absence in recent months. This is not down to me losing motivation or just forgetting that the site existed, I’m just simply a very busy dude.

I know that in this day and age a guy saying that he leads a busy and at times hectic life is no reason to get the violins out but it does make running a website such as this very difficult. From its inception, barring monthly articles from Chris Pierznik, and the odd guest feature everything that you’ll find on these pages was written by yours truly. Something which was pretty easy when I was unemployed/worked very little and was single, but as I’ve said previously I’m now in a relationship and in a job which can be pretty demanding on my time. That’s not to say I’d change either of those things because at the end of the day being in a happy relationship and having enough money to provide for myself will always come first to my music based ramblings, but you can see why it has taken me a little while to work out a plan which sees all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

The fact of the matter is this; The Musical Outcast cannot continue to be run as it was this time last year. 12 months ago, I was able treat the site as a full-time job, but it’s impossible for me to do that now or in the foreseeable future. Although I still stand by all of those things I wrote a few months back when I explained that my love affair with music and writing about it was far from done. Things will just work a little differently, and because I value everyone who reads my stuff and checks in to the site I want to explain exactly where I’m at right now and what I hope will happen going forwards.

First off The Musical Outcast is going to continue reviewing and writing about music in all forms and across all genres as it always has. However, I’m going to need more involvement from others to get things going. In the next few days I’ll try and speak to the afore mentioned Mr Pierznik about contributing to the site once more as his pieces always added a different slant onto the site and were well received. I’ll also be messaging around a few people to see if they might be able to step in when it comes to reviewing live shows. (My job mainly involves me working nights so getting out to gigs is pretty difficult these days) As well as live reviews I’ll also be on the hunt for anyone who would like to contribute to the site by way of writing reviews or features.

So, readers (If there’s any of you left) if you’d like to get involved with the site in any way then drop me a message on Facebook or send me an email at themusicaloutcast@outlook.com I’m looking out for reviewers, photographers, feature writers and everything in between. So please, please, get in touch if you think you can help or hook me up with those who can if you can’t. Sorry, this has started to sound like a Children In Need appeal…

Back to the matter in hand. The Musical Outcast is not dead and isn’t about to die on my watch. For better or for worse I am making the commitment to all of you right now that once again I am going to dedicate myself to bringing you the most honest, most passionate and most badass music writing on the internet. (Even if these guys don’t agree)

So as a wise man once said ‘Let’s push things forward’

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