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EP Review: The Delta Rhythm – Wounds & Wisdom

Right now it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce to you all The Delta Rhythm. Not that they ever really went away, they have still been gigging and putting in the hours but for the first time in over a year they are back with some new music.

I have been following these guys pretty much from as soon as I started writing about music and it’s been brilliant to watch their journey up to this new record. A record which I believe is their best work to date.

I’d describe Wounds & Wisdom as the thinking man’s break up record. Musically it’s as crisp and as sharp as anything out right now. It sweeps, soars and soothes in equal measure while the lyrics sting and hit with a venom which contrasts starkly with their luxurious surroundings.

Just One Thing kicks things off and does so exactly how I describe above. On a personal level this song and this record as a whole fit exactly where I was at the start of this year so I really connect with it, and I suspect that I’m not the only one. The song’s melody suggests something reflective and sweet but what is follows is possibly the most eloquent ‘fuck you’ that I’ve ever heard. Musically the song is beautifully smooth while the lyrics bring what is an unexpected edge. The chorus is a big, sweeping affair and is instantly relatable. The EP also includes a ‘Radio Edit’ for those who like your music minus the odd ‘F’ bomb.

Following track My Year again captures the essence of that classic post-breakup defiance. The song has a rockier edge and I love the slow building intro before the track really kicks into gear. It feels like a bit of a throwback to the band’s previous soft rock//blues roots but with a fresh twist. From a slightly geeky stand point I must also add that the vocal layering and overall production on this song and the rest of the EP is absolutely fantastic.

I have spoken in glowing terms more times than I care to remember about final track (Excluding the radio edit of the opener) Never Know. In my opinion this is the best song that the band has written by a distance. That is not to disparage their other work; it’s more to do with this songs exceptional quality. It’s soaring, melodic and grandiose in the best possible way. When I first heard the song it nearly reduced me to tears, it just really spoke to me. The lyrics reflected my mind set and it captured those feelings perfectly, and even now months on, I still love everything about it. As with the whole EP Sami Cornick’s vocals are flawless and bring the lyrics to life effortlessly. Style-wise I think I’d describe the song as the band’s answer and interpretation of Guns n Roses November Rain; it’s got that same kind of epic feel.

One of the best things about Wounds & Wisdom is that it isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a story, a narrative and a package. The title of the EP fits the songs musically and lyrically, while the song titles also fit the songs in the same way. The record is very much the complete package. Plus as I said from the off I firmly believe that this is the band’s best material to date.

The songs manage to feel grand and expansive without coming across as overblown, it’s a perfect balance of understated grandeur. I could wax lyrical about this EP all day, I really can’t find fault with it. Although I do wish that there were more than the three original songs. However, the songs that are on display blend together to create one of the best EP’s that you’ll hear all year.

The band are playing a launch show for the new EP at the Flapper in Birmingham this evening so if you’re free I’d recommend that you get yourselves down there.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75AgFUeyPms’]

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