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Single Review: No Sinner – All Woman

No Sinner’s debut album Boo Hoo Hoo was released to great acclaim back in 2014 and although the wait has felt like a long one for fans, Vancouver native Colleen Rennison is finally set to return with the follow up Old Habits Die Hard. The album is set to be released on 20th May (Which is looking like one hell of a month for new music) but I have a little preview for you right now.

Rennison herself describes the new record as “a rock ‘n’ roll odyssey through heartbreak and debauchery, good times and bad” and after listening to new track All Woman I can see why.

The track is just pure rock ‘n’ roll. (Am I allowed to say that or have I got to check with Gene Simmons first?) It’s rocky, bluesy, and a bit country but most of all it’s sexy, swaggers with an air of defiance and has bourbon running through its veins.

The vocal from Rennison is everything that you could ever hope for, but the rest of the band hold up their end as well with the obligatory guitar solo adding the icing on the cake.

No Sinner aren’t just a band they’re a throwback, they encapsulate what it is to be rock ‘n’ roll. If this is a preview as to what the album is going to sound like then I can’t wait to hear it.

Rennisson may have had her first taste of the spotlight starring in Sci-Fi shows such as Stargate SG-1, The Outer Limits, Highlander and Poltergeist: The Legacy as well as major Hollywood films such as Unforgettable, The Story of Us, Boot Camp, Mr Rice’s Secret starring such A-listers as Ray Liotta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bruce Willis, Mila Kunis and David Bowie but she seems to have found her natural home with No Sinner.

All Woman will remind you why you fell in love with rock n’ roll while proving that there’s plenty of life in the old dog just yet. Brilliant track, now bring on the album!


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