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EP Review: Shoot The Poet – #1

Formed in 2013 and hailing from Teeside, Shoot The Poet have just released their debut EP #1. The band have previously appeared at the Isle Of Wight Festival as well as sharing the stage with artists such as The Subways and Nazareth.

On the whole the new record is an enjoyable and really solid affair. There are a couple of issues which I’ll get to as I go but it’s certainly a promising debut.

The EP kicks off with the very catchy if slightly too long Feel For You. The song’s central riff is as catchy as you like and lead vocal certainly has its own distinctive style. (That’s a compliment by the way) The chorus is strong and will get you singing along as well as sounding great on the radio and in the live arena. My only little issue is that it just feels a little long. It could be a good 20-30 seconds shorter and it would just feel a lot more concise and compact. That minor quibble aside it’s a really slick and enjoyable Indie tune.

Little By Little is one of those tracks which you’ll either find nicely catchy or just straight up irritating. Personally I’m not sure which side of the fence I’m going to fall but I’m leaning more towards irritating. The is no escaping the ‘Little by little’ chorus and refrain and as I say you’ll just get that stuck in your head or it will grate on you, I’m not sure there will be much middle ground. Apart from that it’s another solid track. The track skips along at a nice pace and the guitar melody gives it some character, I’m just struggling a bit with that chorus.

However, that is where the negatives stop as the final couple of tracks really are very good. Hold glides along with a brilliantly sunny bop in its step. It sets off at a cracking lick and doesn’t let up for the duration, with a great grandstand chorus thrown in for good measure. I’m a big fan of the guitar work and I have to say that this is probably my favourite track. I think that band really found their groove on this one and everything just clicks perfectly into place.

Running it a close second though is the EP’s closing salvo The Mythical Sea. The verses take on a slightly rockier and grittier feel than anything else up to this point but the hook has ‘Indie anthem’ written all over it. The whole track is just bang on the money. It flows really well, has plenty of replay value and the slower section at around half way sets up the grand finale nicely. It’s a seriously strong way to round out the record.

#1 isn’t without its flaws, but in all honesty they don’t really detract from what is a very promising debut EP. When the band hook everything together the results are fantastic like on the final two songs and the opener, the only real misstep comes in the form of that jarring chorus on Little By Little.

All in all I have to say that if you’re an Indie fan then you should definitely check out these guys and keep an eye on them because I think they’re just going to get better and better from this point. The potential is there and the best is yet to come.

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