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UK Based Avant-Garde Group Fifth Quarter Release New Video ‘Escapefrom’

It was only at the start of this month that Fifth Quarter released their last video Meet Me In but our intrepid wanderers are already back with a new instalment.

The third chapter of the Victory Diner series is a dark and gritty affair, fuelled by paranoia but everything is not quite as it seems. This latest instalment focuses on the idea of confabulation which is essentially a memory or delusion built on a delusion.

The beat is at first quite harsh but at the same time is softened a little by a twinkling piano melody. I think as a standalone piece of music I preferred Meet Me In but that is literally only because of that harshness on the production. The rest of the song is more than solid, and explores ideas which help advance the Victory Diner series narrative.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk0SFjyTmXM’]

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