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The Taskers ‘Wolf Party’ Album Preview Show Live @ The Rainbow

On Friday I once again hit the road and headed to Birmingham to catch up with The Taskers who were playing at The Rainbow. Now, I could sit here are write a proper, straightforward gig review but frankly where’s the fun in that?

The first thing to say is that this wasn’t just any live show. The main purpose of the gig was for the band to preview some of the tracks which will appear on their new album. An album which it has now been revealed will be called Wolf Party and is set for a June 6th release. There will also be a launch show for the album on June 4th, and of course I’ll bring you more news on that when I have it.

The thing that I love about The Taskers more than any other is that they are always evolving. When I first reviewed the band they were only a duo and now they are a five-piece. In fact they seem to add a member every time I go and see them. The latest addition is Laura Ellement on violin. That’s the other thing about this band, on paper they really shouldn’t work. I mean seriously, they’re essentially a rock band with cello and violin players for crying out loud! That has no right to work! Somehow it does, I don’t know how, but it does.

Anyway, the new music. To one degree or another I liked all of the new songs but I seriously recommend that you look out for Feeling and Misery And Me. The second of those tracks in particular is really special. Written and performed by the aforementioned Laura Ellement it’s absolutely spellbinding stuff. The band have never shied away from going outside of the box and their slightly random nod to all things Japanese on Harajuku Nights keeps that trend going. It should also be said that Jack Rennie took the stage looking resplendent in his jeans, dress and cloak ensemble in homage to opening track on the night The Wolf. You shouldn’t need further proof that this lot aren’t your average band but just in case you were still unsure…

Oh Jeremy is another peach of a tune, and the band are, as they have always been, great to watch on stage.

I could keep rambling on but I’ll save that for when I review the record which of cousse I’ll have a review of nice and early.

For now I’ll leave you by saying that despite changing their line-up, their style and their whole sound The Taskers are still on top form. They aren’t and never will be your average band and God bless them for it. The new material easily stands against their older staples and for probably the most prolific band that I have ever come across that is mighty impressive.

Wolf Party is on its way and you won’t be disappointed.

Upcoming live Dates

17th March – Chillz Bar, Burslem (JT & Laura show)

19th March – The Underground, Stoke TICKETS

16th April – Stafford Hockey Club, Stafford

17th April – Sun on the Hill, Birmingham

30th April – The Basement, York

(See band website and social media for more details)

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