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Single Review: The Sonic Revolvers – NSA

For my money The Sonic Revolvers must be one of the most consistent bands out there today. I have featured and reviewed pretty much everything that they have released over the course of the past two years and I am yet to hear a bad track.

Every song that the band puts out is something different to what went before it, but there is never a noticeable dip in quality.

All of this of course brings us nicely to the Cheshire quartets brand new single NSA. A release which comes ahead of the promise of a new EP at sometime in May.

Produced by Greg Haver (Bullet For My Valentine) NSA sees the band expand into more what you’d call contemporary rock territory. There is more emphasis on melody and emotion with a more stripped back first section of the song. The chorus is another stomping affair, and the song undoubtedly has mainstream appeal but it just doesn’t move me the way that their previous single Blackstar.

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with NSA but I feel like the band really set the bar with that previous release. It was a full throttle, thrill ride which really grabbed you by the scruff of the neck while NSA just doesn’t have that kind of pull for me. It’s a really solid track, hell, it’s probably a great deal better than solid but I just think that the band has more to offer with the grittier and heavier style of some of their previous work.

NSA is out now.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UTgWaZxAdE’]

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