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Single Review: The Dead Life – Hollow Blood

The Dead Life formed back in 2012 and I have only just come across their music; I am a bad journalist and I apologise. I feel like I’ve let myself down, you down, my family down and indeed my entire profession down because this tune is absolutely unreal.

I try to run a PG ship over here but sometimes my standard English just won’t get the job done. This shit absolutely fucking bangs!

Hailing from Brighton The Dead Life are Sam Craddock (Vocals) Neil MacCallum (Guitar) Dan Jolley (Bass) and Callum Armitage (Drums).

Hollow Blood is the group’s new single and tells the story of someone coming into your life and causing damage to you and your family with frontman Craddock adding “recording this song in the studio was physically and emotionally exhausting, and I had to drag up all the hatred and anger I’ve felt for years and turn it into something positive and cathartic.”

The first thing to say about the track is that you can feel the emotion and passion running through it. From the vocals to the huge cascading riffs and monster rhythm section the intensity is incredible. The song starts out with a Down With The Sickness-esque drum intro and then you are thrown into a whirlwind of anger, hate and raw energy. The whole song is such a ‘full-on’ experience, it carries all the subtlety of being hit in the face with a brick and I love it.

Look out for more videos and a new EP from these guys later on in the year because on this evidence they are going to be things that you do not want to miss.


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aru-RDYv1qY’]

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