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Single Review: Social Room – One More Round

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from Social Room but they are back with a new single and they are back with a bang.

It was way back in July when the 6 guys from Sunderland first appeared on my radar with their track SR7 but I was really impressed with that tune so couldn’t wait to hit play on new single One More Round.

The first thing to say is that without doubt the track has lived up to my expectations. I spoke when I reviewed SR7 about the only thing slightly holding it back being that it didn’t have a real barnstorming hook but that has been remedied here. The piano is in many ways is still the driving force and the vocal has that kind of deadpan ‘every-man’ delivery (That’s not some sort of diss) which is so easy to sing along to. And you want a song which is relatable to the man on the street? Who hasn’t popped out for one and crawled in at half 4 and regretted it the next morning?

One More Round is a brilliant single. It ticks all of those boxes that you have in your head. It’s catchy, dying to be sung along to and there is absolutely loads of replay value. Social Room are on a roll and long may it continue.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynAyQpCFRpY&feature=youtu.be’]

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