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Single Review: Savannah Dumetz – Naked

“I sing what my heart feels. My music is my message, and that is to claim who you are and stand unapologetically in your own skin. My message is to wholeheartedly embrace every part of you. You can grow, you can be vulnerable, strong, sexy and in control all at the same time. I’m a lady who has taken control of her dreams, I refuse to give up.”

Those are the words of 19 year old London native, and on this evidence, hugely talented singer/songwriter Savannah Dumetz. Her latest single is called Naked and it’s an absolutely breath-taking piece of work. Regular readers will know that I don’t throw around praise just for the sake of it but this track is simply magical.

Dumetz doesn’t try and knock you over with the power of her vocal so much as caress you into peaceful meditative state. Her voice is unbelievably smooth, and surrounded by the understated production and gentle melodies that vocal is left to take centre stage. In this song at least her performance is reminiscent of early Alicia Keys, something which in my book is never a bad thing.

The video was shot in London and directed by Émile. So many artists put out music videos just for the sake of it but there’s so much more behind this clip as Savannah explains;

“I just wanted to show in this video that I can’t be defined by a single title and Naked comes from my heart, it’s not about what I wear or what I look like, it’s the way I choose to live my life! It’s the most beautiful and fulfilling feeling to feel free in your skin.”

Naked is music from the heart for the heart, and there is simply nothing more beautiful than that.



[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo-Rte6cNF8&feature=youtu.be’]

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