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Single Review: Pelugion – Bide My Time

Ever since I first hit play on this track I have been looking forward to putting this review together. The reason I held it back was because I only wanted to have the review on the site when all of you guys could go and hear the track for yourselves. So that’s why despite my excitement this review is only hitting your screens today.

It was only last month when Pelugion first appeared on my radar and indeed on these pages but for some reason I’m finding myself pulling for the band to succeed. All you’ve got to do is glance over their social media and see that they put in the work, know how to put on a live show and have the music to back it all up. At this stage in the game you really can’t ask for more than that.

Bide My Time is a story about learning to deal with regret. Although it may seem like you should have let go of that ex’s hold on you sooner, you’re almost glad in a way that you waited this long because how else can you appreciate the good things without having experienced the bad. Now the ex has gone, you know you can bide your time, waiting for something better to come along …and maybe waiting for karma too.

The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Dio, Judas Priest) and the Sabbath stamp is all over it. I’ve found something beautifully symmetrical about Sabbath winding down and bowing out, as a new band from just down the road in Coventry with a style reminiscent of the metal legends start to make their way in the game. That is not to say that the band are just some Sabbath-lite knock off though, there is a hell of a lot more to them than that.

Bide My Time’s intro is slow and tinged with the sound of impending doom before the track suddenly kicks through the gears. You can hear every section of the band coming through clear as day on the mix, they aren’t afraid of having the bass and rhythm sections visible, (Another Sabbath trait) it might seem a small thing but I love it, too many bands just hide behind monster drums or guitars. In a raised middle finger to convention the song actually slows for the chorus but it’s the whole package that makes this song the brute that it is. The pace changes, the little bass rhythms which float in and out, and the frankly sensational sections of lead guitar mixed in with a great vocal.

The flow of this track is insane, if you’re a bit of music geek you’ll get what I mean, it’s beautifully balanced. I love everything about it. Pelugion are a band with serious potential and as good as Bide My Time is I think it’s only scratching the surface as to what this band can achieve.

Remember the name Pelugion now, because these three guys from Coventry are going to create one hell of a noise, not on the Midlands metal scene but much further afield as well.

Bide My Time is a cracker.

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