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Single Review: One Last Run – Unbreakable

8th December 2014. That’s when One Last Run first darkened the Musical Outcast door for the first time. (I know that because there are dates on my reviews, I’m not some kind of stalker… honest)

On that occasion I described their debut EP one of the records of the year and basically got very excited. You guys should all know by now that when I support a band I’m all in.

Fast forward to today and the band have dropped some new music and very exciting news. May 6th will see the release of their debut album Unbreakable and not only that but the record’s lead single of the same name is available for your listening pleasure.

Before I get into my thoughts on the track here’s the lowdown from front-woman Becky Roberts;


“Unbreakable as a track is the culmination of 2 years of hard work, we couldn’t be more excited to finally be getting it out there and seeing the reaction. We chose this track to release so that people know what to expect when they see us live, we don’t hold anything back and this track is a great introduction to everything we are…”

I have to say straight off the bat that I agree with every word from Roberts. Unbreakable is the perfect showcase of what this band are all about and everything that I think makes them one of the top up and coming rock bands in the UK right now.

The riffs will hammer you into submission, the vocal is typically powerful and the drums hit harder than a midweek hangover. The band have always had a knack for writing mega hooks and the chorus here is no different, you’re going to be belting this out in marvellously loud and off key fashion for the rest of the week at least. If you throw Halestorm, Alter Bridge and Tremonti into a pot and mix that riff laden concoction around for a minute you’ll end up with One Last Run.

In short, Unbreakable is killer. It’s everything that I wanted it to be and it really does deliver everything that this band are all about. I’ll have a review of the album when the time is right and I might even have a chat with the band about said album and find out their feelings on hard-core issues like ‘What’s their favourite biscuit.’

2016 is going to be a huge year for this band. Don’t you dare go anywhere.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH5Jwq77zXk’]

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