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Single Review: Guy Jones – Down Right Easy

Hailing from Birmingham Guy Jones has just released the first single from his upcoming debut album Kicking Stones due 13th May and I have to say that it’s pretty damn good.

The track is called Down Right Easy and along with the rest of the album it was recorded in New York with producer Aaron Nevezie (Black Keys) after a successful crowd-funding campaign. His previous EP (Also recorded in NY with Nevezie) was met with very positive reviews across the board and served as a springboard for a tour across the US.

Back to the matter in hand and new single Down Right Easy, and it is indeed very easy to see why the singer/songwriter’s previous material was met with such praise. The track has got this brilliant easy going charm about it; it carries a kind of understated air which feels warm and familiar. It’s such a smooth and laid back affair, it sweeps you off your feet before you’ve really realised what’s happened. The vocal from Jones oozes class and the song writing easily stands up against anything else that is out right now.

It’s just a brilliant little tune. It’s not flashy or trying to make grand statements, it is what it is, an extremely good pop song. Jones is carrying some great forward momentum at the moment and his fan base is growing all of the time and I only see that continuing off the back of this release.

Look out for that album on May 13th it should be a cracker.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq1dZwmyXAU’]

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