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EP Review: Chasing Dragons – Faction:Prologue

It’s strange to feel like I’m reintroducing a band who never really left, but that’s exactly what I’m about to do. Chasing Dragons haven’t released any new music since the mighty Checkmate EP back in 2014 but the wait is finally over. The Yorkshire based quartet are back with a new EP which also serves as a prelude for an album which will follow along down the line.

I’ve been a long-time supporter of this band as Checkmate was one of the first EP’s that I reviewed as a music writer so I was pretty hyped to hear what the guys had come up with.

Things get off to a monster start with new single Devil In Her Eyes. The band have also released a video to go along with the track which you can watch blow. The track itself is just pure Chasing Dragons. Everything that I enjoyed about the band’s music is still there, but this time around it all feels a little sharper somehow. It’s fast, flowing and beautifully hard hitting. The powerful vocal from frontwoman Tank is on point as ever while she also took a moment to give some insight into the meaning of the track;

“I see you, I acknowledge you, I own you”. Everyone has their demons… Everyone has that little bit of darkness inside that creeps up and tries to pull you deeper. Devil In Her Eyes is about letting that come out; you need that release. Sometimes you need to go a little bit crazy… Fall a little further… Drop that safety net and let go… “Unleash the Hellion”!

The thing which really grabbed me about the song however, apart from the typically big, rangy chorus is the scorching guitar solo. It’s not the longest in the world by any means but it just erupts from nowhere and hits you straight in the face. It’s brilliantly impactful stuff.

For quite a while The Mutiny was my favourite track but I’ve changed my mind so many times now it’s getting ridiculous. The distinctive, hammering Dragons drums from Kate are in full effect here, really driving the song forwards, Again the chorus is a grand affair with a hint of ‘anthem’ about it. This track will undoubtedly do big things at live shows; everything about it is just so impressively powerful. That’s why you can’t do the lazy comparison of comparing the band to Halestorm. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Halestorm, love that band) Apart from the fact that both bands have a female lead singer, Chasing Dragons’ music as a whole carries more power and more of a kick, they’re more in line with someone like Avenged Sevenfold if anything.

The EP closes out with the slow building Whitehorse. Things start out in fairly stripped back, atmospheric fashion before the song fully roars into life. The piston-like drums are absolutely immense. The skittering guitar riffs and rhythms lay the foundation for the vocals to really take the song by the scruff of the neck before a soaring solo puts the icing on a very hard hitting rock cake.

For all intents and purposes Faction:Prologue is merely a preview of what is to come but that doesn’t stop it delivering as a standalone project, even at only 3 tracks in length. The band may have been away from the frontline for a little while but they haven’t missed a step.

If Faction:Pologue is a taste of things to come then the future can’t come soon enough.

Faction:Prologue is officially released on 29th March.

April 2016

8th – Leeds Beckett Students Union, Leeds – Faction:Prologue EP Launch Show

15th – The Albany Pub, Coventry

30th – Trapdoor, Bradford

May 2016

7th – Muses Of Metal Fest, Keele

14th – Upload Festival, Wakefield

20th – Milo Bar, Leeds – supporting Courage My Love

28th – Breaking Bands Fest, Bromsgrove

June 2016

24th – Wildfire Fest, Scotland

July 2016

9 – Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe

August 2016

27th – Chebfest, Leeds

28th – Rockwich Festival, Northwich

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