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Single Review: Serinette – Roadshow

If you’ve got a better memory than me you might remember that I reviewed a track from Serinette right back at the start of last year. That track was called Bigger Better and it was a tune which I liked a lot so when I was given the chance to check out their new single Roadshow I had to take it.

The North East based quartet have enjoyed their fair share of radio success in the past with plays on the likes of Radio 1 and 6 Music and I really wouldn’t be surprised to hear this track bounding out of a radio near you very soon. The drumbeat gives the song such a bounce and the main melody is catchy in the extreme. The song’s whole vibe is just infectious. This tune will just get in stuck in your head and refuse to leave.

Serinette have absolutely nailed it.

You can also check out the track’s music video below which features frontwoman Louise Radford amongst other things, running through puddles and standing in very windy places. Fun video, fun track, what’s not to love?!

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uSo2Ll8DuM’]

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