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Single Review: Robby Valentine – Black Rain

I really don’t know where to start with reviewing this track but here goes. Black Rain is the latest single to be taken from one of Robby Valentine’s upcoming albums Bizarro World and if I’m being brutally honest I’m struggling to find a great deal that I like about it.

Black Rain feels like it’s stuck in a time warp from 1985, and not in a good way. It sounds dated, clichéd and like it’s just going through the motions. The whole experience all feels a bit cheesy and Valentine’s vocal comes across as a little lightweight when trying to hammer out that big, grandstand chorus. This dated style may appeal to Valentine’s longstanding fan base but as someone on the outside looking in I really can’t fall in love with it.

Bizarro World is set to be released in the UK on 7th March while the man himself and his band will play 2 separate sets as part of one big show at The Arts Club in Liverpool on the 12th of the same month. The first set will be a showcase of Valentine’s original material from his back catalogue while the second will feature tracks from his ‘Tribute To Queen Show.’

Tickets are available here https://artsclubliverpool.com/event/robby-valentines-bizarre-world-a-tribute-to-queen/

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WTHbddUnP0′]

10 thoughts on “Single Review: Robby Valentine – Black Rain

  1. Steve Cartledge “Clichéd, cheesy and in all honesty not very good…” – I had to laugh when I read this ‘critics’ cheap-shot review. When he blatantly gets his ‘facts’ WRONG then the remnants of the article cannot be taken seriously. First of all ‘Bizarro World’ is released in the UK on 14th February NOT 7th March as stated here. Secondly, Robby Valentine is playing only ONE show on Saturday 12th March at the Liverpool Arts Club consisting of a split-performance, but back to ‘Black Rain’. It is rather obvious that James Holder approached this review with an unfavourable agenda which is unprofessional showing poor, shallow, cheap and lazy journalism at its very best . I’m not sure what kind of music the ‘critic’ was listening to back in 1985 but from memory it sure as hell wasn’t ANYTHING like this, therefore to attribute ‘Black Rain’ to being ‘stuck in a time warp’ is a misconception of the highest order. Robby Valentine has been recording / releasing music since 1992 and has seen many acts come and go during his longevity. I can assure the reviewer that there will be many, many people who will disagree with his biased and underwhelming words when the musical class is there for ALL to witness. Next time try and approach your work with an open mind, who knows – you might even enjoy it?! Steve Cartledge 09.02.16

    1. Hi Steve, I’ve got no problem with you strongly disagreeing with my review, that’s perfectly up to you. I’ll also admit that i didn’t word the bit about his show in Liverpool very well and as a result i have changed it. However, on the information i was sent it said that ‘Bizarro World’ is released in the UK on 7th March therefore that is the date i ran.

  2. Having followed Robby through 3 decades, long before he went solo and was in his first bands Line, Zinatra, 1st Avenue, i always recognised the sheer maestro in him that he is. Multi-instrumentalist and perfectionist AND being the huge Queen-fan that he is (he NEVER hided that, and doing things musically nothing more or else than justice…chosing Queen proves of his excellent taste too!) only confirmed my thoughts and feelings about him. Robby has ALWAYS remained the same, loyal to all he IS, and never gave in to the demands of recordcompanies that only wanted to change him into everything BUT Robby Valentine…HE WON and NEVER gave in! This Bizarro World album and single are amazing, and are already classics in their genre, while they’re even been freshly releaesed and just recently given to the world. You need to really love music and be able to recognise the immense quality his music is made off and also being played live, close to the perfection of his selfrecorded, self-written, self-played self-produced music. His band consists of nothing but some of the finest and very best musicians and his creativity and energy during liveshows WILL blow you of your socks and amaze you from the first to the very lsst second…leaving you behind mesmerised…and as a fan ! Who gives a sh*t if he has captured the sound of the 70’s and 80’s? It is better in EVERY musical aspect than all these rip-off copied with a beat to it remakes, stolen by poppy-newcomers who know nothing about music and can’t play instruments or sing….and who only care about everything BUT music… NO…Robby is a true original, and still has the ability to create new melodies, new lines, and be a rare and pure innovative force within the genre of sympho-rock. I am proud to have seen him grow from a kid into this lovely grown up married man and father, and that i witnessed many of his finest moments on stage. I recorded many many shows and believe me….they will NEVER bore any real musiclover! Robby Valentine is a man who has proven that quality lasts longer than rubbish, and with this new album and single he is right on the place where he belongs…The absolute top. Besides his musical Qualities, you will have a hard time finding sweeter people then he and his wife and the band are . I am a huge fan and admirer of all he’s ever produced, from A to Z. And being a 40 year paying member of the OIQFC too…it does mean that there is nothing wrong with my taste in music. Queen were sabled down by arrogant prats and know-nothings, but even with Freddie gone for almost 25 years, they are STILL the biggest band and best act ever! And so it is the same with Robby Valentine….he WILL survive and go on doing what he is best at no matter what….producing amazing, versatile, beautyful music, that people with knowledge of music and a heart always will appreciate.

  3. Checked out the video clip. Really love this thanks for the tip and you’re partially right it does have a grandstand chorus piyy you don’t seem to appreciate it

  4. Black Rain is a Quality song, better then most stuff currently in the Charts, Robbie Valentine is a Talented performer and if the Show at Liverpool Arts is half as good at the streaming last Friday it will be amazing , Black Rain is a stunning track, I think a lot of people Fans of Robbie or not will really like this track, and the rest of his Bizarro World album.Exccellent Tune Robbie


    Hi, allow me to intervene.
    I’ve been a fan of Robby Valentine since i was 9 years old ( i’m 27 now ) .
    I’m schoked by that bullshit.

    Of course, you have the right to share your own opinion, mostly because it’s your ” job ”
    Nevertheless, you’re judging ( and killing ) the talent of a genius after you only listened one song of that new album.
    ( Which, by the way, was recorded one year ago accros the atlantic )

    ” Black rain ” is maybe not to your taste, but listen the whole album before judging. Maybe you did.. But in that case, specify it. And avoid voluntarily judging
    the rest of the album.
    I’m not doing your job, ( and thank god for that ) but i read heaps of articles like yours.
    Shouldn’t you go by the rule : include the good and the bad, to be fair and keep it balanced?
    1985 ? Are you serious ?
    Clichéd ? Are you serious ?
    Pay attention and think about the words you’re using.
    I can’t accept that a website, dedicated to music, can post such shit.
    ( Do you see now what it’s like to read what we think about you, with harsh words ? )

    Finally, how can you pretend that, that new album won’t attract attention frome of the public ?
    Nevertheless, that’s what has happened !
    By saying, you’re offending the Robby Valentine’s fan , whithout even knowing one.
    In any case, you’re right. The R.V’s fans love that album. But i take that opinion as an insult !

    I feel offended.

    By Sharing his songs, Robby is showing us that he’s unique.

    He creates, composes, invents, reinvents, records and make all the parts of his album, alone.
    So, show a bit of respect, please.

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