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Single Review: Haarm – Foxglove

I always like to try and bring you artists early doors so that we can all be along for the journey of watching them grow and develop. Plus nothing matches the smugness of watching the rest of the world play catch up with an artist you were talking about a year ago…

So with that in mind I invite you to join me in climbing aboard the Haarm bandwagon. They’re only just really starting out so there’s plenty of room. The band are from Liverpool and their debut single is called Foxglove and it is absolutely magic.

I know a lot of people including me, if I’m honest, wince when they see the world electronica because it conjures up images of slow, brooding, cold and sparse faceless music. However, that really should be the case because that banner can also be home to some real gems like this.

In a lot of ways Foxglove is electronica but there is so much more to it than that.  It’s got great pace to it and is blessed with a brilliant pop smoothness. The male and female vocals go together like vodka and coke, and the whole track is crisp, clean and just beautiful.

The song’s title and chorus fit together nicely with the idea that the Foxglove flower traditionally represented insecurity and wishes.

“A little more sunshine when we’re down, it looks a lot brighter on your side of town. So tell me how we’re going to get there, ’cause it looks like we’re going nowhere, show me how because the ship that you are sailing’s going down.”

It’s a simple device but I think it’s a fantastic touch.

So basically the bottom line is that Haarm have produced a really high quality debut single which you should definitively check out. You’re going to be reading a lot more about these guys I can promise you that.


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