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Single Review: Blue Kassette – Caller

Hailing from the North West of England Blue Kassette are Jon Upton, Tom Kirby, Josh Meenaghan and Mike Etherington.

This is the first time that I have reviewed the Indie music making quartet but they are a band that I have been aware of for a few months now. The band describe themselves as coming from ‘Similar yet musically different backgrounds’ and I think that is reflected in the band’s sound. Their music comes across as down to Earth and relatable to your average man, woman or child on the street.

I have been saying it for a while but Indie bands really are ten-a-penny at the minute, there has been a real revival in that kind of sound so you really have to have a spark to stand out from the pack. Luckily for Blue Kassette their latest single Caller seems to have just that.

I hear so much Indie where my reaction is just ‘meh.’ It does nothing for me, it’s not bad but there’s nothing really there to grip me either, however, this track just felt a bit different. This is simply a really well put together and really, really solid piece of music. I like the almost deadpan style of delivery on the vocal, there’s enough melody to grip on to and the chorus does exactly what it’s supposed to do in that it sticks with you.

Caller isn’t going to reinvent the musical wheel but then again it isn’t supposed to and you can’t argue that it’s a great little tune. No fuss and no hyperbole, it’s just a really good Indie track and that will do me just fine.


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