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Single Review: 48 Hours – Martyr

Despite all of the scaremongering about the music industry and everything that we are bombarded with seemingly on a daily basis, Britain in 2016 is a pretty good place to be a rock band. Hell, in numerous parts of the country the rock and metal scene is actually thriving. I know, shocking right?

The reason for the above proclamation is that yet another one of these quality rock bands has crossed my digital path. The band in question is 48Hours and they are shaping up for the release of their new album in fine style.

New single Martyr is the first single to be taken from the band’s upcoming album Expectations and it’s a damn fine rock tune. The drums hit hard as hell, the vocal is top notch and there’s plenty of replay value to be had. This track wouldn’t be out of place on rock radio alongside any other band in the world that you care to name. I’d want to hear a bit more from Messrs Adam Jerome (Guitar, vocals) Garry Broughton (Bass, vocals) and Matt Savini (Drums) before fully nailing my colours to the mast but this track has certainly made a very nice first impression.

Expectations will be officially released on April 1st but if you can’t wait that long to get more 48Hours in your life you can catch the live on the following dates.

23rd February    Asylum, Birmingham

24th February    Fuel, Cardiff

25th February    Retro Bar, Manchester

26th February    Garage, London

You can purchase tickets here.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHOFUyzmfKs’]

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