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EP Review: Southfall – Awakening

Ladies and gentlemen at this time it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a band (mostly) from just down the road from me in Dudley, Southfall! Sorry, I’m not normally one for the big build-up but I still love being able to review and feature local bands, it harks back to those 18 months or so ago when this site all started.

Anyway… Southfall are Matt (Vocals) Jay (Guitar) Ryan (Guitar) Joe (Bass) and Elliott (Drums). The band released their debut EP Awakening at the weekend and I just so happen to have a copy with me right now to review for all of you beautiful people.

The mega scream which signals the beginning of the opening and title track sets the tone in delightfully savage style for what’s to follow. Awakening surges from uncompromising hard rock to all-out assault seemingly by the flick of a switch without skipping a beat. At times on the opener the pace is almost frenetic while even it’s more considered moments are still dowsed in enough heavy rock to sink a battle ship. The guitars are first class and the solos really top off what is a fantastic first track/statement of intent from the quintet.

Blurry finds the band sliding into more of a traditional hard rock sound although those mesmerizing screeching guitars still remain. The ‘metal’ screams which punctuated the opener have fallen by the wayside but as demonstrated from the outset the clean vocals are more than capable of getting the job done. This is just a swaggering, badass, beast of a hard rock tune, there really isn’t much more that needs to be said.

Final track C4 is as heavy hitting as the title suggests and is also without doubt my favourite on the record. An intro of rumbling bass, stomping drums and distant yet crunching guitars build towards a Niagara Falls-esque drop which hits you like a hook from Mike Tyson in his prime. I’m a huge fan of a band from Birmingham called Secrets Of Mariana and this track is very much in their lane. It treads the line between heavy metal and rock with aplomb without ever committing to either camp. The track also contains my favourite lyric;

“Rules are made to be broken so I’ll use one to break my fall”

I’m not entirely sure why but it just struck me as a line that encapsulates the band’s whole attitude which surges through the veins of their music. There are no two ways about it, I absolutely love this track. I’ve dropped a link below so you can check it out for yourselves.

I have only one problem with Awakening; it’s only three tracks long. I demand more damn it! Apart from that minor very selfish quibble this record is really difficult to find fault with. I feel like it encapsulates the band’s natural energy and attitude and the result is a badass EP which blends rock and metal in terrifically hard hitting style. The band may be relative newcomers to the scene (As a collective at least) but I only see them moving on to bigger and better things from here.

Awakening is a damn fine debut.

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