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EP Review: More Than Most – Impossible Is Temporary

A few short weeks ago I shared the new video from More Than Most for their track Nightmares and I thought that that track was killer. So off the back of that I now have in my hot little hands the new EP from which that track came called Impossible Is Temporary and it’s time to give it the Musical Outcast treatment.

The EP cranks into life with the band’s own electronica tinged take on rock n roll in the form of You’re Not Alone. Apart from the chorus the track is pretty stripped back with only really drums and the vocals doing the real heavy lifting. This however, puts the emphasis on the lyrics and gives the hook a real kick when it does burst onto the scene. If you’re head isn’t nodding by the end of this one I think you’re listening to music all wrong, it’s a really good way to get things started.

Remember Who You Are flies right into the action as the pace knocks up more than a few gears. The thundering, rolling drums really push the song forwards at a great lick and the song is just all about energy. The chorus delivers again and the whole song has quite a positive and defiant air about it which just sucks you in. Penultimate effort Save Me From Myself sounds really familiar but I really don’t know why. The track is a real grower and while I still think that it’s probably the weakest on offer it’s still pretty solid. The track just doesn’t feel like it flows at as well as the others on the record and the rapid-fire delivery of the lyrics feels a bit too rushed and squashed together in places.

Nightmares closes out the EP and it’s still my favourite track on the EP by a distance. I think that this is where the band are really at their best. The track itself is all-action and doesn’t give the listener a second to catch their breath. The drums are concussive and the guitars are vocals swirl around you with all the force of a tropical storm. It feels like everything that the band are trying to do really synchs together in perfect harmony on this one.

If I’m being brutally honest I was maybe expecting a little more from Impossible Is Temporary. However, that is only because the first track that I heard was Nightmares and that sent my expectations skyward. That being said I can’t be down on this record because there isn’t really anything wrong with it. You’re Not Alone is a great track, the middle couple are solid and the closer still sounds awesome.

So all in all Impossible Is Temporary has to be worth a listen, you might have to give a couple of tracks a chance to grow on you but I’d definitely advocate patience. It’s definitely an EP that deserves checking out.


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UVxaRsc7xA’]

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