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Behind The Music: Load Street Studios


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of heading over to Bewdley and meeting up with the good folks over at Load Street Studios. The studios have only recently opened and I had the opportunity to head down there and have a look around and talk to the men behind the project.

Load Street Studios is the brainchild of music producer James Delin and instrumental and vocal coach Steve Carrigan. In a former life Steve had been James’ vocal coach but it soon became clear that the duo were destined to work together on bigger and better things. One thing lead to another and the hunt for a recording studio come music school was underway, that hunt led them to Load Street, Bewdley and a brilliant discovery.

“We simply couldn’t believe our luck when we went to view the building that is now Load Street Studios”. Explains James. “It had an amazing character, some modern touches in a grade two listed building and best of all the previous tenant had used it as his own private recording space. Not only were we lucky enough to inherit some acoustic treatment (the best part of £20,000 worth) but we inherited a whole digital and analogue signal infrastructure too! Cat5 ports, speak-on sockets, mains sockets and stage boxes in every room simple made this decision one of the easiest we’ve had to make.

Steve saw enormous potential for the music school and didn’t think twice about moving his existing business from Kidderminster into Bewdley.”


After visiting Load Street I can honestly say that the studio is everything Mr Delin says that it is. It’s a brilliant space to make music. I’ve got nothing against studios in modern buildings but the Load Street building’s listed status gives the whole place a completely different vibe. Bewdley as a town has got a really laid back feel in any case and that has transferred into the studio. Plus who wouldn’t want to record at a studio where Roy Williams (Led Zeppelin FOH engineer since the dawn of time) and Robert Plant (Yes, that Robert Plant) casually wonder in off the street?

I know this piece is starting to sound a little bit like a sales pitch but if the place was a joke I’d tell you, trust me. I don’t pull punches when talking about music so I’m not going to start now. I get asked all of the time about recording studios and producers etc and I honestly can’t recommend this place enough.

I sat in ‘the chair’ at the mixing desk and listened to music which had been produced there and as well as some other stuff to get a feel for the place and that sound from that speaker set-up was a beautiful thing. The whole set up is geared towards producing the best music possible. That might sound a little bit of an obvious thing to say but for all of the laid back feeling around the place there is no doubt that this is a very professional operation.

When I went for my little nose around I had no idea what to expect but I quickly fell into conversation with producer James and we talked all things music for the best part of two hours. The man certainly knows his craft and knows what he wants. It also turns out that we share pretty similar views on working with artists and music production. It’s always pretty cool when that happens…

The bottom line is that if you’re an artist looking for somewhere to record your music I’d recommend checking out Load Street. Not only for the reasons that I’ve talked about above but if you’re not from Birmingham this place may be ideal. In a lot of ways the region is very Birmingham centric when it comes to music which can be a huge pain if you’re based anywhere near Worcester or Kidderminster for example. Birmingham in a trek! So to have somewhere outside of Birmingham and over in this part of the West Midlands where you can make can only be a good thing.

Aside from music recording Steve Carrigan also offers music tuition under the same banner which includes music clubs for kids and adults, production clubs, group tuition and one-on-one instrument tuition

I’m hoping that this ‘Behind The Music’ feature will become a regular thing with me chatting to all manner of people behind the scenes so look out for that.

You can find Load Street Studios at any of the following links:





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