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Single Review: Wishing Well Feat Graham Bonnet – Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul

Wishing Well are a hard rock band from Finland made up of Anssi Korkiakoski (guitars), Rip Radioactive (drums), Richard Becker (bass) and Peter James Goodman (vocals).

The band are on course to release their debut album Chasing Rainbows on 5th February and Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul is the first single to be taken from that record. Oh and it features the legendary Graham Bonnet. (Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz)

Speaking about the track and hooking up with Bonnet, its writer and band guitarist Korkiakoski had this to say:

“We wanted something extra to boost the album and when we wrote “Hippie” we instantly realized that Graham would be a perfect vocalist for the song in many ways. I’m a lifelong fan of Graham myself and it’s fantastic that we made it at the end of the day. Pete (vocalist Peter James Goodman) had no problem with it since he’s a big fan too! I’m proud and pleased with the result and it’s just amazing that at 68 he’s still delivering the goods”

It seems that the experience was a good one on both sides of the fence as Bonnet was also full of praise for the track and the band:

“The guys got in touch and after I heard the song I was immediately ready to give it a go. It’s a catchy tune and perfect for my range. I like the lyrics too. We recorded my vocals in LA and the guys took care of the rest of it in Finland. I’m always ready to cooperate if it’s a serious band with a good song. I wish the guys all the best.”

The one thing that I will say about the track is that you can’t escape the fact that it does sound a little bit dated for want of a better word. It’s got 1980-something written all over it. It’s got a heavy old school feel which may not easily catch the ear of your casual listener. That being said, if you’re looking up the song to hear Graham Bonnet doing Graham Bonnet then you won’t be disappointed. In that respect it does really tick all of the right boxes, his vocals still deliver. The guitar solos are also a great deal of fun and if you’re into classic hard rock then this is the song for you.


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS_eppphMLg&feature=youtu.be’]

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