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Single Review: Syf – Reception

I’ve spoken plenty of times before about how I’d like to review more hip-hop on the site and finally that seems to be changing. It was my first musical love; I’ve been a fan for nigh on 15 years so now being in a position to write about it is pretty damn cool.

Anyway, all of that brings me to a rapper out of North West London called Syfa (aka Syf). Although this review will focus on his work as a solo artist he’s also part of an experimental group called Fifth Quarter, so if you dig what you hear here it might worth looking those guys up as well.

His latest track is called Reception and before I get into what I think about it I asked the man himself to explain to me a bit about the song and what it means to him:

“I named the song ‘Reception” because it is about the feeling of talking or doing something and your actions or voice not being heard. So weather it is a relationship of some kind, work related or just life related, we all feel like we talk sometimes and it isn’t really heard. Similar to when you’re on the phone; reception can be great but if you go in a tunnel or your underground you have no reception. So that could be a metaphor for when you hit life’s little hurdles.  I’m personally talking about experiences in a relationship where both parties wasn’t really listening to the other and in it was always going to result in us not being together anymore. The song is a mixture or both my own experiences and experiences of some my friends that are around me.”

I’m a fan of the track there’s no two ways about that and the more I read from the man the more I’m a fan of the man too.  I get the impression that his music goes deeper than rap. (No Rick Ross) I’ve always been a fan of this kind of ‘heart on your sleeve’ brand of hip-hop so this tune is definitely in my lane. The beat really catches this down to Earth vibe and that coupled with Syf’s delivery gives the track quite a personal feel. There’s no attempt to be overly clever lyrically, everything is straight to the point and straight from the heart and that will always score big points with me.

If I was going to nit-pick a little bit you could say that you could have lifted the beat up in the mix a little bit as sonically the track doesn’t feel 100% balanced but in all honesty it’s not a massive issue.

Reception is a really good track, straight from the heart with no gimmicks and a real nice laid back vibe. I can’t ask for more than that.


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