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Single Review: Rusty Shackle – When The Morning Comes

I’m going to make a very bold statement here ladies and gentlemen; this song might just be the catchiest tune that you will hear all year. This thing will get under your skin and I’ll damned if you can get it to move. Man alive!

The creators of said catchiest tune since whenever the last really catchy song came out are a band from Caldicot, South Wales who go by the name Rusty Shackle. They are a 6 piece ‘Folk roots & roll’ band because well… why not, made up of Liam Collins (Vocals, guitar) Scott McKeon (Fiddle, banjo, vocals) James McKeon (Guitar, vocals) Ryan Williams (Trumpet, bass) Baz Barwick (Bass, mandola, vocals) and Owen Emmanuel (Drums, percussion).

The band have been around since early 2010 notching up a Glastonbury appearance, bucket loads of releases and support from the likes of Radio 2 along the way. When The Morning Comes is the band’s new single and has already been doing brilliant things on the iTunes chart, and that is purely and simply because it’s bloody fantastic.

To describe this song as merely catchy would be akin to standing outside in a hurricane and then remarking that it was ‘a little breezy.’ This track will get stuck in your head and either make or break your day. The vocals are fantastic, a stomping drumbeat pushes the song forward at a great lick, there are little melodies all over the damn place and with fiddles, guitars, bass and everything in between there are folk grooves for days.

I am in love with this track, go and listen to it. Now!

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3JBhdfdcSA&feature=youtu.be’]

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