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Single Review: JJ Pluto – Just Waiting

“JJ Pluto was born out of frustration at an over saturated world. I wanted to create something that was both subtle and beautiful. I’d had enough of production value and trying to tick the right boxes.”

Those are the words of Alexander Moir, the man behind the JJ Pluto project and the track that you can check out below Just Waiting.

Coming out of Nottingham JJ Pluto aims to be different, and he certainly is that.  He describes the new single as “A stark look on how you cannot chose to feel whichever way you want to when you wake up in the morning.” A description which itself could spawn a million questions. The song is unlike anything else which you have probably heard this week. It clocks in at only 1 minute and 30 seconds and is stripped back in the extreme with only vocals and acoustic guitar filling the air after some background noise serves as an intro.

The fact that it’s so brief makes it stand out, but at the same time it isn’t rushed. It just floats in and floats out summing up a moment in time, and one person’s feelings at that time. It’s subtle and understated and most importantly it works. I don’t expect everyone to really get it but I think that it’s a cool little idea.

There’s a 4 track EP on the way in the near future and I’m interested to see how this track fits in with the rest of the project. Basically, the whole thing has left me intrigued.

There will be plenty more to follow.


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0LT-p91tmI&feature=youtu.be’]

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