Single Review: Fear Without Reason – Holding On

I put out a tweet on Saturday night appealing to the world to get the site’s number of followers past 450. Not only did  that tweet result in getting the account past that little milestone (Thank you) it also resulted in me being sent this track. Social media gets a bad rap at times it’s also pretty damn awesome.

Hailing from Wolverhampton Fear Without Reason are a rock band who have taken an interesting route to get to where they are today. Originally formed in January 2009 the band got off to a great start releasing an EP, while one of their tracks Home was released on the X-Box 360 game Rock Band 2. However at the start of 2010 the band decided to go their separate ways and you would be forgiven for thinking that that would be that. Wrong. Fast forward to a meeting in a cold Birmingham pub last year and wouldn’t you know it the band are back together. Further proof ladies and gentlemen that pubs are brilliant places.

So with the band now returned to its former glory Zaz (Vocals) Craig Smith (Guitar) Ste Roberts (Guitar) and Andy Goodwin (Drums) have big plans for the coming year which include a music video and not one but two EP releases.

Before we get to that though, there is the small matter of this track Holding On. The band describes it “as a mature, melancholy journey, looking at the state of the world at home and abroad.” Adding that “Each member of the band takes away their own meaning from song, it is their hope the people who hear it will too.”

In all honesty it’s pretty difficult to disagree with any of that. The lyrics are such that you can take them and make them mean whatever you want them to. For the most part through the verses the song is a pretty stripped back affair and that adds to the brooding atmosphere while the guitar work again adds to the feeling isolation. Style-wise the vocal sends a small tip of the hat towards Cory Taylor and really helps breathe emotion into the lyrics. It’s hard not to get pulled in; it’s just one of those tracks.

Holding On is my first meeting with Fear Without Reason but I’m impressed with what I’ve found. They know how to write a song, and more importantly they know how to make you really feel it, something which is a seriously underrated skill in my book.

With new material set to follow later on in the year, these guys are certainly a band to keep an eye on.

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