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Single Review: Dani Hilton – Take All Of Me

There are many things annoy me about music fans and the music industry, but one of the big ones is how fashionable it is to knock pop music. Don’t get me wrong pop can be horrendous, but then so can rock, so can metal etc. Looking down on pop is nothing more than music snobbery and it means it means that these people miss out on hearing some fantastic tunes, fantastic tunes like this one from Dani Hilton. (How smooth was that??!!!!)

Hailing from Barrowford in Lancashire, 22 year old singer/songwriter Dani Hilton started singing at an early age but it wasn’t until she started to play the guitar at 17 that she began to focus on song writing. This focus is now starting to pay dividends as she has begun recording her music with the aim of putting out an EP later on in the year.

This track Take All Of Me is her latest effort and it is fantastic. It’s a brilliant pop song. It’s got an early Taylor Swift-ish feel (Emphasis on ‘ish’) a great chorus and the vocal from Hilton is first class. Everything about the track is really crisp and clean and that allows the aforementioned vocal to shine. It really wouldn’t be difficult to imagine the song making an impact on national radio. It’s got broad appeal and that chorus means that there is plenty of replay and ‘radio-play’ value.

There really is no need to try and look deeply into this one; it’s simply a fantastic pop tune. Just stick it on revel in its clean cut simplicity and enjoy.


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