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The Musical Outcast Christmas Message

I must confess that I have never written a Christmas message or Christmas address before, but to a soundtrack of Motorhead classics and in true Musical Outcast fashion I’m just going to wing it.

Hours of research have told me that these things should have some kind of theme, so the theme for the following ramble is ‘don’t worry, you’re doing alright.’

Now I’ll admit that the above is partly tongue in cheek, but I think that there is also a slightly more serious point to be made. We are surrounded by internet memes, motivational speakers, Marilyn Monroe quotes and all the rest of that fluff speaking in dramatic tones about ‘get rid of those holding you back!’ ‘Forget the past and move on!’ ‘Ignore the haters, me against the world…’ Yada, yada, yada. Well, I’m going to call bullshit. ‘New year, new me?’ Do me a favour.

Everyone seems to spend forever looking for drastic solutions to minor problems. Talk about using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. The truth is that despite the fact that you could dramatically list 300 things that are going wrong, or you hate about your life, in a week or two those things won’t matter. I mean you can get rid of Emma because she didn’t text you back about going for Christmas drinks and never talk to her again, but in 3 months you’ll realise you miss her like hell and she was crazily busy with work at the time and probably just forgot to text you back. And instead of Girl Quote 101 ‘Leave those people who are never there, they obviously don’t want to be in your life.’ A simple ‘Emma, you dickhead, if you could actually text people back that would be awesome. You’re a pain but I still love you,’ would have done.

Not everything in life needs drastic action. For me personally and professionally 2015 has been a pretty alright year. Like every year in human history (Contrary to your Facebook newsfeed) there have been some cracking highs, like seeing Foo Fighters rock Old Trafford, and there have also been some lows. Existing friendships got stronger, I made an absolute tonne of new friends and even Songbird made an appearance. She may have fled away again now but she hasn’t gone far, and somehow I don’t think our story is completely written just yet. Honestly, at times I feel like I’m actually living How I Met Your Mother when it comes to that girl; I’ll let you fill in the names and faces…

Music wise this site has continued to grow, and for that I thank each and every one of you reading this right now along with all of the PR companies out there who send me such killer music to write about. Thanks to Claire of Justclairephotography fame for your photo taking skills. Shout out to Pierzy a.k.a Christopher Pierznik for his contributions this year. To all the bands that I have dealt with, whether or not I enjoyed your music it has been a pleasure. Well for 90% of the time, some of you have been a nightmare.

That being said, bands, artists and everyone else feeling like you are up against it; just keep going. On your journey to superstardom there will be loads of crazy bumps in the road but don’t reach for a saw when a pair of scissors will do. So what NME and Kerrang! didn’t give a shit about your single and those who did give a shit didn’t like it. Come back next time with the most badass thing ever put to record.

Life can be a complete bitch but those moments of despair are exactly like those moments of ecstasy, in the grand scheme of things they are merely fleeting. Everyone knows that highs don’t last forever so what makes you think that the lows will? Just take a step back and chill for a minute.

Don’t worry, you’re doing alright.

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