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Single Review: Ziegler Co. – I’m A Ghost [II]/ Tunnels

To cut a long story short I love being sent music by Ziegler Co. I might not always be sure what that new music will sound like but it’s pretty nailed on that I’ll really like it and play it death.

I have been following Ziegler Co. (A band of London’s finest, in case you were wondering) for well over a year and have written about their music in great detail on these very pages plenty of times, so if you’re a regular name around these parts then theirs should be a name that’s pretty familiar to you.

The boys have been a little quiet of late but they are back with a brand new FREE (Yes, FREE) double A-Side single and as always both tracks are pure magic. Tunnels is a really good track in its own right which I’ll get to in a minute, but I have to be honest and say that Ghosts [II] steals the show.

Ziegler Co. are normally a band which makes their bread and butter off the back of shimmering melodies but here it’s the bassline which steals the show. It weaves around a light, skipping drumbeat while the song builds with ever more presence and urgency with every passing second. The payoff to this build is a cracking guitar solo after which the song strips back to handclaps and vocals before it elevates to another level altogether courtesy of some fantastic backing vocals, which form the icing on what is already a massively impressive cake.

I think I say this every that I get some new music from these guys but I do genuinely believe that this may be their best track to date. It’s all of the reasons why I love this band crammed into 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Flowing, perfectly balanced, simply majestic.

In all honesty it would be difficult for any track to live up to Ghosts [II] but Tunnels has a mighty good go. It’s more of a classic sounding Ziegler Co. track as a sparkling melody runs the show. The whole song just feels free and without constraint, floating and skipping through your speaking with care-free abandon. I love the guitar melody and guitar work in general for that matter, and the way which the vocal balances on and plays off it is brilliant. The song might not have the same instant wow factor as Ghosts [II] but it more than holds its own and is pretty impossible to find fault with.

You can check out the video for Ghosts [II] below, have a little listen to Tunnels below that and then download them both by following the link at the bottom of the page. A download which will cost you absolutely nothing, seriously what more could you want?


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_h2HzFczJE’]


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