Single Review: I Set The Sea On Fire – Tastes Like Funk

Everyone might be winding down for Christmas and daydreaming about spending the next fortnight or so in an alcohol and food induced coma but there is still quality new music being released all over the place. An example of said quality new music is the latest single from Sheffield based outfit I Set The Sea On Fire. (They set fire to whole seas, never mind just some rain; take that Adele)

On the face of it Billy, Pete, Megan, Josh and Alex are like pretty much every other rock band, except with added flute and trumpet. Now, logic says that apart from some novelty value, flutes, trumpets and rock bands don’t tend to mix all that well. However, at the moment I would like to laugh in the face of logic. Bring on the damn trumpet!

Tastes Like Funk is my first encounter with this band and what a first impression they have made! This whole site is built on artists thinking outside of the box and being different to everything else out so writing about this tune feels like a natural fit. This is rock music, just not as you know it. The energy of the track is fantastic and the way that the trumpet plays off the guitar is brilliant and every element of the band compliments each other so well.

The rabble-rousing chorus is also bang on the money. “Get blazed, get blazed, raise a glass to the end of days, I could have been anything, I could have been a saint, in the end we all die just the same. When I’m dead, I’m dead and I’m done, all I wanna say is that it was fun.” It’s a Saturday night battle-cry of ‘Everything might be going to hell around me but damn I’m going to party this is the greatest night of my life.’ There’s so much spirit and yes, so much funk in this tune it’s unreal.

What I’m trying to say is that Tastes Like Funk is just straight awesome. It’s also the lead single from the band’s upcoming self-titled album due out on the 4th March next year, which I will hopefully get a review of. But for now I’ll keep it simple…

If you only check out one new band and one new track today, promise me that you’ll make it this one.

Tastes Like Funk is out now.


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