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Don’t Call It A Comeback: 2015 In Review (Part 2)

Earlier on today I listed my favourite gigs and singles from 2015 and what a great couple of lists it was if I do say so myself. However I’m not done just yet.

Once again the following is not some kind definitive ranking list or ‘best of’ list, this is just me basically giving a shout out to all of the music that I have enjoyed this year without the pointless comparisons.

(Disclaimer: Some of the following records may have been officially released in 2014, but I’m including them as I only got to review them this year)

That’s enough waffling from me so I’ll get on with giving you the names of my favourite EPs from 2015.

Liberty LiesFracture


Secrets Of MarianaReach

The Black HoundsLove & Death

The Delta RhythmWon’t Be Saved

Harriet!Hidden Messages

Tourist AttractionsReact Reflect React

Kaity Rae Spark

RavenEyeBreaking Out

Straight Line StitchTransparency

Bad SolutionSelf Destruct

Sarah De WarrenOverthink

Under A BannerVictory Time

Eva Plays DeadSounds Of The Written Word

Chasing DeerRewriting History

The NicsAttack!

JunebugInto The Wild

The Young StatesDown To You

City Of Thieves Incinerator


The Heavy JetsCommon Mantra

Speaking In ShadowsThe Anchor

The RoozFairweather EP

Man that’s a long list…

I haven’t managed to review as many albums as I would have liked so there are a few on this list that I haven’t reviewed but I was sent them and really enjoyed them all the same, so lots of love to artists for the following –


Lock Up LauraMasquerade

ValousThe Devil’s Seven

Defy All ReasonThe Road Ahead


Altered SkyWithout Wonderland

Bad PollyannaThe Broken Toys

Left For RedAll Things Known And Buried

The TaskersPleasure Point

Lauren DesbergTwenty First Century Problems

Theia Take The Pill



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