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Don’t Call It A Comeback: 2015 In Review (Part 1)

2015 will be remembered for many things, some better than others, but in my book at least this year should go down as the year of the comeback. If there was a musical return to be made it seems that the artist or band stepped up and made it. I mean just check this for a list –

Blur came back with new music after 12 years away, New Order dropped their first new record in a decade, Chic released new music for the first time in 20 years, Janet Jackson came back, Faith No More came back, Dr Dre released a new and final album and even Good Charlotte and Fort Minor released new music! There are many more names I could have listed but you get my point.

It’s now reached the time of year (Yes I know I’m late) where everyone puts together those ‘best of’ lists and as usual I’m going to put my spin on it. Personally, I think it’s impossible to try and compare music across genres for how ‘good’ it is. How can you compare the merits of a folk record and a heavy metal record? So like last year the following is just me giving props to stuff I have enjoyed this year, and the lists are based on gigs where I was in attendance (Obviously) and music that I have personally reviewed. So without further ado let’s get down to business.

I have been lucky enough to see some incredible live shows this year. Yeah the big guns like Slipknot and Slash delivered, but further down the musical food chain, where I make my bread and butter has also produced some killer moments. But it bears repeating that Foo Fighters live at Old Trafford is the best gig I have ever been to in my life. But back to the task in hand…

Jenny Hepton was incredible at Soundcontrol in Manchester in January; Revolver also killed it early on. Myth City and Secrets Of Mariana were incredible. (More than once) Shout out to April Black, One Last Run, The Delta Rhythm, while Gavin Osborn, Sons Of Clogger, Wilcox: Hulse were all fantastic at The MET for the Taskers (Lots of love for those guys) album launch show in April.

The following bands I saw more than once and they did it big every time, so salute to Mallen, Stone Broken, Eva Plays Dead, Valous and Evyltyde.

There has been an incredible number of singles that I have rocked heavily at some point this year so I’m just going to list them up. If I reviewed your EP as well as the single you probably appear on the EP list which will follow in part 2.

I Set Fire To The RainTastes Like Funk

The New Southern ElectrikkBrown Eyes

HightowerEnemies And Friends

Ziegler Co.Got A Plan/Borowski’s Egg

The Crossfire HurricanesThe Deviant

David Lang360/The Way Of It

RixtonWe All Want The Same Thing

Helena JohnsonTake Me Home Tonight

Dani BlueWithout Me

Dark StaresHypnotize

Gentian NightLight

The Shy LipsBahia Part 2

Sister ShotgunNo Hope

Still The MindSlow Dancing

Conquer RioBe My Lady

Stone BrokenStay All Night

Alissia Take Off

The SherlocksHeart Of Gold

Ellie FordJuly

Lou Sinergy feat Ali IngleWandering The Digital Age

A Mouth Full Of MatchesWhite Flag

Christina RotondoHoly

TheiaRide On

Bobby LongI’m Not Going Out Tonight

Izzy BizuGive Me Love

The Spitfires4 am

Ella On The RunRodeo Clowns

In Search Of SunElevation

Cave MouthDeep Water

John JenkinsSweet Delphine

The Winachi TribeTime For Love

The JackobinsWaiting On The Sun

One Last RunTell Me

MeMe DetroitStand Up You’re Living

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