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Single Review: Will Caminada – Caffeine/Closer 2 U

In what is a day of firsts for the Musical Outcast, this review marks the first time I have ever reviewed an artist from South America. Granted, Mr Caminada now lives in London but that’s not the point, just let me have this one ok?!

Although Caminada was born and raised in Brazil, his musical diet consisted mostly of British ‘bubble-gum pop’ and later American R&B rather than traditional Brazilian sounds. He has been singing and performing from a very early age and toured Brazil with his former band VoX. Since then Caminada won a scholarship to The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance and relocated to London.

As you’ve probably gathered Caffeine/Closer 2 U is a double A-Side single so I’ll break it down a track at a time, that being said, Caffeine is the star of the show. The first thing that struck me about this track is that Caminada is very obviously a very talented guy. His vocal hits heights the like of which most of us can only dream and his brand of smooth, sultry R&B which he effortlessly showcases on Caffeine is just money. The track is brilliantly but together. The production is first class, lyrically it holds its own and the chorus is smooth as silk. I’m a big fan of this tune, and if there’s any justice in the world it will do big things for the man from Brazil.

Although it retains the incredible smoothness of Caffeine, Closer 2 U is a completely different affair. The pace falls to an absolute crawl, and while Caminada’s vocal is again untouchable as it serenely glides over, and wraps itself around the instrumental the song just feels like it lacks the focus of its compatriot. It lacks a bit of direction and kind of floats around taking a while to get to its destination. This of course doesn’t mean that it’s a bad song, because it isn’t, it just doesn’t hit the heights of Caffeine.

This double A-Side is my first introduction to the music of Will Caminada and I have to say that he has made quite an impression. He’s got the kind of vocal which radio stations love and you can feel the fact that he puts his heart and soul into his music. There’s nothing worse than someone just going through the motions.

Closer 2 U might not quite reach the highs of Caffeine but the latter does set a seriously high standard. Caminada is undoubtedly a talent to keep an eye on.

Caffeine/Closer 2 U is out now. 

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