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Single Review: The Sonic Revolvers – Blackstar

The regular readers among you will be well aware of the Sonic Revolvers name by now. I’ve reviewed each of their last three singles and they have all brought something new to the musical party as the band progress on their journey to world domination. (I’m sure that’s the plan anyway…) For those of who are checking out the band for the first time though my message is a simple, these guys are a damn good rock band.

I wrote last year about the band’s previous single Can You Hear Me that the Runcorn based quartet had added more grit and edge to their music and on this new effort Blackstar they have definitely carried on down that path. While the band haven’t lost their knack of cranking out a grandstand chorus Blackstar is certainly more riff-heavy than its predecessors. Can You Hear Me was grittier and edgier but this track is just bigger. It’s like the band have turned everything up a few notches and really just let it all hang out, and it’s a move which just works. It’s been great to watch the guy’s progress over the last year/18 months and to see them arrive here to a point where they have really found their lane, their sound and themselves musically, it’s pretty amazing.

Blackstar is a loud, thundering, riff laden hammer –blow which is destined to grab the wider world’s attention. There’s a new five track EP on the way in early 2016 and in my book that record can’t come soon enough. Next year is going to be huge for these guys and with music as good as this I know for one I’m definitely going to be down for the ride.

Blackstar is out now.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D82zT6gQqHs’]

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