Single Review: Stone Broken – Stay All Night

A few weeks back news broke that Stone Broken had not only been recording their debut album, but it was also in the can and ready to go on January 29th next year.

The buzz online was amazing, and once everyone had digested the news about the album the next question was, ‘When’s the single coming?’ Well it turns out that we haven’t had to wait very long as the lead single from All In Time is now out into the world complete with shiny new video.

To put it succinctly (For once) Stay All Night is a banger. As far as rock singles are concerned the track is pretty much everything you could ask for. The central riff is as infectious as hell, the chorus is built for arenas and the guitar solo in the final third is one badass son of a bitch.

The key to this track and Stone Broken in general for that matter is simplicity. There’s no grand effort to try and look clever with a bucket load of effects, crazy song structures or anything like that, the band just make no frills, straight hard rock records.

Stay All Night will sound great on the radio, it’s going to be a huge tune when it’s played live and I have no doubt that when surrounded by the rest of the album it will more than hold its own.

Stone Broken are back, and they are back in a big way. Stay All Night is an absolutely killer hard rock tune but I can’t help but feel that it’s only the first rung on the ladder. 2016 is going to be huge!

Stay All Night is officially released 27th November.

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