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Single Review: Plastique – Lips

I have seen this band described as ‘The band Garbage wanted to be’ and while I wouldn’t necessarily go that far I think you get the picture as to what’s going on here. These guys were built to make an impact.

Plastique were formed back 2010 with the aim of bringing some energy and vitality back to an increasingly lacklustre indie scene. The trio made up of vocalist Anelise Kunz, multi-instrumentalist Fabio Couto and producer Gabriel Ralls released their self-titled debut album in 2011, with follow up #SocialScar hitting shelves two years later.

The Nine Inch Nails, Garbage and PJ Harvey inspired band then went a little quiet before returning with single Quake earlier on this year. Now all of that is all well and good but I’m here to talk about the band’s new track Lips, a beautifully abrasive slice of fuzzed up guitars and F-You attitude.

I think the best word to describe this track is ‘raw.’ From front to back it just feels savage. We get the full vocal repertoire from Kunz as she moves from almost a smooth menacing whisper to a full on, flat out scream.

I don’t expect everyone to get this track; it’s rough around the edges nature will no doubt put people off but my advice would be to just role with it. The mainstream might be getting boring and stale but Lips provides the short, sharp jolt your musical taste buds undoubtedly need. It’s a fuzzy, feisty kick in the ass.

Lips is officially released on 13th November and the band play a launch show for the new single at The Islington in London on the 14th. 


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