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Single Review: Husky – I’m Not Coming Back

I have a feeling that Husky are the first ever Australian band to appear on these pages so applause all round for that one.

Hailing from Melbourne, Husky is made up of Chuskiel (Husky) Gawenda (Lead vocals, guitar) and his cousin Gideon Preiss (Keyboards, vocals).

The group released their debut album Forever So back in 2012 but they have now returned with a new single and a brand new album to go with it. Ruckers Hill is out now unless you live in the UK where it is officially released on 27th November and to celebrate that fact the band have dropped a video for single I’m Not Coming Back.

Before I get into my thoughts and feelings about the track, I’ll hand you over to Husky to give you the lowdown.

“I wrote this song not long after moving into a new house in Melbourne, in which I set up a small studio out the back. I discovered after a little while that I was directly beneath a flight path and at night, the planes would fly low over the courtyard outside the studio. Most nights, I’d sit outside, in the courtyard, and for a while watch the planes seemingly glide past, mechanical birds moving through the night stars. I wrote I’m Not Coming Back one night when the stars were particularly illuminating and the airplanes seemed to be twinkling in their reflected light, gliding through the night, moving towards a new destination. The obvious sentiment of the song is the need to escape, to cut and run, to leave it all behind. But there is a back-story, only hinted at, some kind of hurt that is driving the need to go. That’s what interests me most about the song”.

There’s something beautifully captivating about I’m Not Coming Back, something which gently pulls you in and swirls around you. It sounds so familiar but also at the same time completely brand new. I love the harmonies and the delicate melodies which give the song quite an emotive feel. Every time I press play I’m transported to a road trip somewhere on a deserted road, sun setting behind me lost in beautiful isolation. I wish I could put my finger on what it is but something has struck a chord with me about this tune, something I wish I better equipped to put into words.

I have to be honest and say that today was the first time that I had heard of Husky, but they are a mystery no more. I often speak about how for music to ‘work’ it needs to make you feel something, no matter what that something is; if it gets a reaction out of you then it’s worked and that’s exactly what this song and this video have done.

I’m not entirely sure of what I’m feeling, it’s a mixture of nostalgia, freedom, regret and a need for change, but the key is that this song has made me feel it and for that I can only applaud its creators. What a beautiful thing.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyf0AelOr28′]

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