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Single Review: Forever Never – One Life

From the second that I pressed play on this tune it was all over it. It’s not often that a track really hits me straight from the off these days but I was immediately convinced that this song is money. It’s an anthem.

Coming out of Billericay in Essex Forever Never are Renny Carroll (Vocals) George Lenox (Guitar) Frank Ransom (Guitar) Mitch Witham (Bass) and Sam Curtis (Drums).

The band launched themselves back onto the frontline earlier this year with barnstorming sets at Takedown, YNOT and Isle Of Wight Festivals, while their last single Never Giving Up also did big things.

Anyway, the band are back with a new single called One Life and simply put, it’s a banger. It’s like a blend between rock, nu-metal and alt rock. The drums carry that snap which was a huge feature of nu-metal tracks back in the day, the chorus is more of a traditional rock affair and with the guitars carrying a great grungy alt rock feel. And then on top of all of that the vocal fuses all of those styles together in awesome fashion.

The result of this blend is that the track does a bit of everything. It hits hard enough to get your head banging, but at the same time the hook is more melodic and just screams ‘anthem.’ I mean really, a track you can rock the funk out to and also sing your heart to out during chorus, what more do you want?

I’m a big fan of this track, and I think the band are more than capable of moving on to bigger and better things. They manage to combine a rock edge with commercial appeal and that’s a formula that will never go out of fashion.

If you only check out one new song today, make it this one.

One Life is out today.


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOKKW3-tzDY’]

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