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Single Review: EL Caco – Ambivalent

I don’t know why but I think it’s time to take in some grungy Norwegian rock n roll. Not that I need much of an excuse to check out something a little bit off the beaten track but this is pretty off the radar even for me.

Formed in 1998 El Caco is made up of Osa (Bass, vocals) Anders (Guitar) and Fred (Drums). The trio have got quite the extensive back catalogue with their last release Hatred, Love & Diagrams receiving acclaim across the globe.

Ambivalent is the first single to be taken from the band’s new album 7 (Released 15th January 2016) and it’s a great slice of dirty, grungy, rock n roll. It would be pretty impossible to try and pin it down to a specific genre so frankly I won’t bother. The main riff has hints of Thin Lizzy about it except it has been dragged through a muddy puddle along the way. Osa puts everything into the chorus, you can hear the passion coming through while the guitar solo is a brilliantly soaring yet at the same time impressively dirty affair.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this song when I first heard, it just thought it was kind of alright, but with every listen I think I started to ‘get’ what the guys had done. There’s classic rock n roll running through Ambivalent’s veins but it’s wrapped up in a thick, fuzzy, grungy overcoat.

It’s different, and it might not be to everyone’s taste but for my money it’s definitely worth a listen.  

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGcSn0T5O7E’]

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