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Single Review: Alissia – Take Off

One of the most rewarding things for me in running this website is that I get to listen to things that I thought I would never hear, and not only that, but I get to share them with the world. In all honesty, I thought the days had gone when you could open your email and find a ‘new’ artist coming through and making tunes that sound like this record.

Step forward one Alissia Benveniste aka Alissia.

Born in Geneva but now living in New York via London and Milan the 23 year old bassist along with her band The Funketeers are putting the fun back into music. Sat where I am in the UK we have right now the most boring and flair-less album at number 1 (Yes, Adele that means you) so tracks like this could not be more needed.

It might not have been until she attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music when she first picked up a bass but my God she seems hell bent on making up for her relatively late start.

Take Off is an ear bending, smile inducing, blend of Parliament-Funkadelic and Janelle Monae. The basslines and the funk groove is straight out of the late 70’s early 80’s while the songs up tempo bounce and vocal crispness is straight on today’s cutting edge. The song has even got a damn call and response section! All praise the call and response section in old tunes, it needs to come back.

Alissia has already supported Talib Kweli on his last tour and it’s easy to see why. This young lady and her band are pure talent. If this tune and Alissia’s music in general can’t move you then there really isn’t much hope for you at all.

Combining classic funk with a modern day twist Take Off is the best tune you will hear this week. Hell, it might be one of the best tunes you hear all year. There’s an EP on the way called Back To The Funkture which is set for a 29th January release and I fail to see how it can be anything other than pure gold.

What a damn tune.


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