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Single Review: Sun Arcana – Oblique

There are all kinds of reasons why I hate putting music in genres and categories but in the form of this band I’ve found another reason to add to the list.

I mean how the hell are you supposed to put something which is both atmospheric but also full of crunching riffs under a one size fits all banner like ‘Alternative rock?’ Terms like that do nothing apart from be a massive disservice to the music which you have just described incredibly badly.

Now the reason for my little impression of a middle class English housewife moaning about the price of carrier bags is the new single from Sun Arcana.

The band started out as the brainchild of frontman Tom Harper-Ward before the project progressed into a trio and then eventually into a four-piece with a 2nd guitarist. Now my moan came to light because there is no way you can accurately put on label on the quartet’s new single Oblique.

 It’s opening section and verses are quite atmospheric, almost Coldplay-esque while the chorus is a thing of soaring beauty, but then things switch up as out of nowhere a crushing slab of hard rock riff-age grabs the track and shakes it to it’s very core. The thing that really caught my ear is not only the fact that I love riffs like that more than I love some members of my own family but that none of the transitions sounded forced. I don’t know how you make those switches sound that smooth but somehow Sun Arcana have managed it.

Oblique is a really really high quality, multi-faceted track. There’s plenty of depth to the sound but it doesn’t get lost in itself either, it carries a razor sharp focus for the duration. I’m going to close out this review though by simply saying this; if you happen to be reading this review guys, you know that whole crushing rock guitar thing I mentioned? Yeah, more of that. Like bucket loads. Like as much as you can cram into one song, because what you’ve got there is MONEY.

Oblique is out now.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnuaVasbJxM’]

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