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Single Review: Highlives – Better Days

Hailing from Bristol Highlives are Liam Edwards (Vocals) Ben Lucas (Guitar, vocals) Mark Prouse (Bass) and Steve Parkes (Drums).

Better Days is taken from the band’s upcoming EP Misguided Youth which is set for release on the 11th December.  You don’t always associate pop punk bands with producing the most serious of songs but that’s where these guys are different. This track and that upcoming EP that I mentioned isn’t just music for music’s sake, it’s really saying something. I’ll now hand you over to frontman Edwards to give you the lowdown on the new track and its accompanying visual.

“The video follows a young homeless boy on a journey through his everyday routine, during which he encounters both good and bad people. The song is about how easy it is to get drawn into bad situations through your younger years, and the line ‘truth is, we’ve all seen better days’ plays as a reassurance that everyone experiences this at some point in their lives, and that no one is experiencing them alone.”

I just love that message. There are plenty of bands out there who are style over substance so it’s brilliant to come across a band who are really saying something. The contrast between the classic pop punk overall sound and the serious and passionate lyrics doesn’t immediately sound like it would work but it does brilliantly. I think that you can really tell that the band feel those lyrics as well, they aren’t purely playing lip-service to an idea, there is real passion there.

Misguided Youth which follows along in a couple of months will see a continuation of the themes and ideas expressed here. Once again I’ll hand you over to Mr Edwards.

“You’re always going to be surrounded by temptations throughout life, of both the good and bad kind. We’re often misguided through our younger years, and our lyrics reflect on that a lot. It’s easy to become lost amongst the various situations that are thrown at you in life and the decisions that you’re forced to make.”

I’m a fan of this track and I’m now also a fan of the band. Not only is the actual music of a high quality but here are a group of young guys in a band going out there and actually saying something meaningful and relevant; something which seems to at a premium these days.

Better Days is out now, and you can get it here 


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mox5uVfrpD8′]

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