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Single Review: Ferocious Dog – Slow Motion Suicide

As all of you regular readers know by now I love nothing more than bringing you music which is a little bit left of centre and not quite your average pop/rock/metal track. So it is with great pleasure that I can introduce Ferocious Dog to these pages for the first time.

Hailing from Warsop, Mansfield Ferocious Dog are Ken Bonsall (Lead vocals, guitar) Les Carter (Lead guitar) Dan Booth (Fiddle) Ellis Waring (Mandolin, banjo) John Alexander (Bass) and Scott Walters (Drums). The band have been around for a while now but only really started gaining serious momentum in the last few years which resulted in them playing Glastonbury festival earlier this year.

Slow Motion Suicide is the latest single to be taken from the band’s current album From Without and to put it bluntly, I’m a big fan. Ferocious Dog aren’t quite a folk band in the traditional sense and they aren’t quite a rock band either, their sound likes the result of a crazy night of passion between the two. Take some spit and sawdust rock n roll and throw in a mandolin and a fiddle and you’re now starting to get a handle on what these guys are all about.

As I’ve already hinted, this track is a cracker. For the first half minute or so you think that you’re going to get a straight rock song, then as things throw towards the chorus the rock feel gets beefed up with some folky goodness. The track tells the story of a man who has ‘turned to the bottle, lost all his pride,’ and it does so in brilliantly rousing fashion. I don’t know if folk n roll is a thing but if it isn’t then it should be, because that’s exactly what Slow Motion Suicide is.

I’ve always been a big fan of the folk style of song writing, as much like country it always tells a story, so get that mixed with rock n roll (Another of my musical loves) then you’re definitely on a winner with me. If you like bands like Sons of Clogger who I have written about before then you’ll love this lot as well. So in conclusion I’m going to keep it simple…

Folk + Rock n roll = Awesome!

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