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ROAM Unveil Video For New Single ‘Deadweight’ Feat Matt Wilson

Eastbourne based pop punk band ROAM have announced that their debut album Backbone will be released on 22nd January. The first single to be released from the project is Deadweight featuring Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals. As well as providing guest vocals on the track Wilson also appears in the video which you can see below.

Backbone serves as a follow up to the band’s EP Viewpoint which was released earlier on this year. Frontman Alex Adam gave an insight into the band’s approach to the new record.

“We always felt like an album had to really make a statement or it wasn’t worth doing. Production, sound, songwriting – everything needs to make a significant step up or it’s just another release, nothing special. There are a few songs on the album that we wouldn’t have been confident enough to write or put out as our younger selves. It took a lot of time for us to make that transition and I think Backbone is a word that signifies that. Doing something and being confident about it, despite any risk involved. It’s a lyric in one of the songs on the album and I think it resonates with what we felt we needed during the writing period.

It turns out that long-time fans could also be in for a few surprises as Adam explains;

“I think people will be shocked for sure, there are definitely some things we’ve not done before like using piano and there’s an acoustic song and just generally a lot more variety in the songs, but I hope people will love it. The thing we were aiming for with the album was to spark some nostalgia by taking influence from a lot of the stuff we listened to growing up as opposed to the new wave of pop punk, and also by taking on a way wider range of influences. I think what happened is we ended up combining a lot of different stuff into the sound we’ve been working towards for a long time.”

Backbone Track list

  1. The Desmond Show
  2. Cabin Fever
  3. Deadweight
  4. All The Same
  5. Hopeless Case
  6. Bloodline
  7. I.P In Peace
  8. Tracks
  9. Head Rush
  10. Goodbyes
  11. Tell Me
  12. Leaving Notice

The band play Vans Warped Tour UK at Alexandra Palace in London on the 18th October before heading out for a huge co-headline US tour with Handguns through November and December.

Oh and the new track is a beast. (Just in case you were wondering)


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2Kix7obv48′]

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