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Exclusive World Premiere: Robert Taira Wilson – She’s Coming (Video)

This is a big moment. It’s not only a big moment for Mr Robert Taira Wilson as he shows his brand new video to the world for the first time but it’s also a landmark moment for this site. Today marks the first time that I have had the pleasure of showcasing an artists’ new material to the world before anyone else. As this site continues to grow this marks another huge stage in its development.

With all of that being said let’s get down to business. The aforementioned Robert Taira Wilson is an independent musician from London, and his debut album Nail And Hammer was released earlier on this year. I’ll now let the man himself takeover.

“For three years I lived in Japan with my wife. During that time I worked with an independent label based in Kyoto. Japanese folk and classical music left a big impression on my guitar playing and I have tried to emulate the dynamic sound of the koto into my guitar technique, especially on my solo material. I came back to London last year alone to work on this CD. My band and I wrote our musical parts separately and communicated by email while I was still living in Japan. We came together for one practice before recording them all live in the studio. I wanted to make this CD differently to how most of the mainstream music is currently being made. I wanted to record everything live and capture the roughness and energy of a live performance. We had little money but what we did have was the ability to play the songs live. So we utilized this aspect with little overdubbing or post-production.”

She’s Coming is the latest single to be taken from that debut album and what a brilliant track it is too. Trying to fit in into a ‘genre box’ is nigh on impossible so I won’t bother. The vocal is beautifully organic and smooth while the piano melody along with the rolling drum rhythms keep the track dancing and skipping along in great fleet-footed style. I’m a big fan of the song writing too, I love the line;

I don’t care how it ends as long as it starts.

It’s such a great little turn of phrase. All round I’m a big fan of this tune. The video consists of over 1500 pencil on paper frames and took 2 months to complete. I’ll hand you over to the main man again;

“In it [the video] I tell the story of a musician and his daily routine. His routine includes the recurring dream in which he hunts a squirrel in a forest. This film is a self – portrait with the squirrel representing my wife whom I left when I came back to London.”

So there you have it the brand new single and video from Robert Taira Wilson. As always check it out and let me know what you think.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKJY6iEY5DI&app=desktop’]

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