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Throwback Thursday: Fall Out Boy – Beat It

This is probably the most recent ‘Throwback Thursday’ that I have done, and it’s also the one which I’m probably going to get the most grief over but I’ve got my tin hat ready so bring it on!

As you can see today’s selection is Beat It from Fall Out Boy. Now let’s get that elephant in the room out of the way shall we? I don’t and have never really liked the original Michael Jackson version of this song. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s never clicked with me at all. That being said I think this version is awesome. It’s more like what I wish the original had sounded like. If you’re going to do a ‘rock’ track then don’t half-ass it and think you’ve got away with it because you’ve got Eddie Van Halen on the solo, go all out!

This whole post is all a bit weird actually, because as well as not really liking the original I’m not a massive fan of Fall Out Boy either, but hey ho, it is what it is.

Taken from the album Live In Phoenix Beat It was released on 25th March 2008 and peaked at number 21 on the UK singles chart. The track features John Mayer on guitar solo duties while the video pays homage to the never to be forgotten legend Jackson.

Patrick Stump’s hat is an absolute thing of beauty by the way for those of you who appreciate a nice piece of headwear.

Anyway, feel free to agree, bitch or down right ridicule my music taste in the comments or on social media until I take things back to the old school next week. Enjoy! (I know you want to)


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk8Pb17pcQI’]

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