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Single Review: Puppet Rebellion – Life Is In Your Hands

It has been fully 7 months since I last had the chance to cover some new music from Puppet Rebellion so this new track has arrived into my possession not a moment too soon.

Back in February I had the chance to review Watch Me Fall which was a fantastic tune and I’m pleased to say that new single Life Is In Your Hands is more of the same. There is a real buzz around this band right now, as there has been for much of the year frankly, and I don’t see that dying down anytime soon.

Life Is In Your Hands is basically your classic Puppet Rebellion track, short, sweet, to the point and catchy as hell. Their whole sound is just so tight and precise; there is absolutely no wasted motion whatsoever. Everything in the song serves a purpose which means there’s no pointless posturing. Once again the guitar work is catchy as you like, the vocal from Davies is great and the chorus is right on the money.

I spoke back in February about how I believed that with a bit of luck these guys could break through and be big and all this new single has done is confirm that belief. Along with The Rainband these guys are making a hell of a lot of noise on the Manchester scene while being just under the surface nationally, and all it’s going to take to go to that next level is that slice of luck.

Life Is In Your Hands is another great track, there’s absolutely no doubt about it and I’m going to keep banging the drum for this band until the rest of the world catches up on what they’re missing out on.

I hope you’ve packed sunglasses lads because the future looks incredibly bright.

Life Is In Your Hands is out now.

Live Dates

20th September – Ramsbottom Festival – Bury

26th September – Birthdays – Dalston, London

27th September – Oxfam Charity Fundraiser – Preston

29th October – Pi Bar – Leicester

31st October – Oxjam, The Roadhouse – Leicester

6th November – The Victoria – Birmingham

27th November – The Rocking Chair – Sheffield

28th November – This Feeling – Manchester

9th December – The Maze – Nottingham

19th December – The Castle – Manchester


[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY3YbJ2pElg&feature=youtu.be’]

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