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Single Review: Jamie N Commons – Marathon

I’ve just spent most of my morning putting together a musical jigsaw puzzle and the results have made my day.

I hit play on the new single Marathon from Jamie N Commons (More about that in a minute) and I instantly recognised his vocal but I had no idea where from, my mind threw a blank. Then I remembered that he sang on the Eminem song Desperation which appeared on the Marshall Mathers LP 2, and that in turn led me back to that killer track Jungle he did last year with X Ambassadors. Your remember Jungle right?

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqXW57WM9TA’]

What started out as me checking my emails had resulted in a frantic game of join the dots. The most ridiculous thing is that I can’t believe that I had never noticed all of this before! I’ve let myself down there…

Now back to the thing which caused all of this excitement in the first place and that absolutely fantastic new single Marathon.

There is not a single thing which I would change about this song; I have nothing even slightly negative to say about it. I’ve reviewed some incredible music this year but this track has to be right up there. That baritone vocal from Commons manages to be both husky and rough while also carrying this natural kind of smoothness over the track. There’s a real throwback feel on display which is probably down to the blues bloodline running through it but at the same time the song is also as fresh as anything you’re likely to hear this year.

There’s a debut album in the offing which is set for release early next year and will be produced by Alex Da Kid who himself has worked with Eminem, Dr Dre and Imagine Dragons among others. Commons  is currently out supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen on their US tour while a UK tour of his own I’m reliably informed will be announced imminently.

As you’ve probably noticed I’m a little bit excited by all of this. I can’t wait for the album and I can’t wait for those live shows either. But before we get to year I’m sure as hell going to enjoy playing the hell out of Marathon. What a damn tune!

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3aWILRexW4′]

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